own your story.

I sped through the book titled "The Gifts of Imperfection" by Brene Brown this afternoon and jotted down a few impactful things

own your story. 
Yes. I am imperfect, vulnerable, and sometimes afraid. 
That fact does not change the truth that I am also brave, and worthy of love and belonging. 

why is that so hard to grasp?  It's hard to admit both of those statements. 
they involve a terrible amount of courage, yet also show a beautifully placed identity. 
we sin, we fall short, and  yes- we're timid. 
however,  Jesus is bigger than all of that.  He makes us brave, He's formed us in his image- we  *are* sons and daughters of the Most High and that, in and of itself, makes us worthy of love and belonging.

the root of the word courage is -COR. Latin for heart.

originally, courage meant to speak one's mind by telling one's heart. 
speaking h o n e s t l y + o p e n l y  has been confused with the idea of heroics. 
Where original courage is, vulnerability is on the line.

be still and take courage. 

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